It Is Incredibly Hard to Be Pregnant in a Time Like This…

I’m limited on who can go to my ultrasounds and appointments with me.

I might not even be able to have a baby shower. We have it planned at the end of May so I refuse to cancel it just in case things turn around faster than many think.

There’s a high chance I won’t even be able to have my spouse at the hospital with me, though they’re holding off on that decision until they absolutely can’t.

Currently, they’re limiting it to one support person only and they have to be there at admit and can’t leave.

I hope this all clears up by the end of June. It’s so hard to get through the store when people are so manic acting, and I just want to get what I need and leave. But I often can’t find the things I actually need because people are hoarding. And trying to keep myself and baby safe from others germs, while people don’t seem to understand basic hygiene rules regarding germs.

I went to my OB appointment last week. We were all required to wash our hands upon entering. I watched people not even use soap or not wash for the appropriate amount of time. For the first time in my life, a detail like this scares me.

This is an event in my life I want to celebrate, especially after getting pregnant naturally after seven years of infertility.

So right now it’s so hard to celebrate it.

Post by Ash Lounsbury
Post by Ash Lounsbury

Writer, Mom, wife, and sister.

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