We Are Good

We are healthy, therefore we are good. 

My son is 5.5.  My daughter will be 4 in April. Neither of them can go to school or play with friends. Instead we meet online through Zoom to catch up and play in front of each other’s screen.   

As everyone should be right now, we are stuck at home which is where my husband works now. He is still working so we are good. 

The kids have room to play outside, even ride scooters with neighbor kids (with distance between them).

We have all of the food and supplies that we need, even toilet paper. 

This is not an ideal situation.  We won’t be able to see our parents/the kids’ grandparents for who knows how long. I have no idea how to homeschool, and life feels halted.  But again, we are so fortunate to be healthy, have everything we need and while my side gig in real estate is adapting to temporary social distancing, we are lucky to still have income that sustains us. 

I also have a rainbow Piñata stashed away for my daughter’s birthday, which we had to cancel. It won’t be whacked by the many friends she had invited to her party, but it will be our small way to celebrate her on her special day. 

I am, dare I say, enjoying being forced back to basics in all of this. 

We play outside more, cook and eat each meal at home and play more games together. 

I am happy that the four of us are safe under our roof.  We will get through this strange time.  I just hope we appreciate the process.

Andrea Ramsey Conner
Andrea Ramsey Conner

Real Estate Agent, Mom, Wife, Sister, and Friend.

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  1. I loved this Andrea . You are a good mom, daughter, sister and friend!!! I’m sure you will be a great Real Estate Agent too!!!

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